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Our Team


Y.K. Agrawal

Y.K., a mechanical engineering alumnus of the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, has traversed an illustrious career path marked by remarkable achievements.

He embarked on his journey as an enterprising industrialist, joining forces with his late brother and mentor, Mr. D.S. Agarwal, the former Joint President (Graviera Suitings) of Aditya Birla Group, to establish a flourishing textile enterprise from the ground up. Together, they harnessed their expertise to build a thriving business empire.

As a testament to his unwavering dedication, Y.K. orchestrated the expansion of the manufacturing capabilities of the textile plant. This feat was accomplished through the strategic import of advanced power looms from Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in endorsing and advancing the products of Vardhman Spinning Mills, an eminent entity based in Ludhiana, India.

In his current professional phase, Y.K. serves as a licensed Surveyor and Loss Assessor accredited by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI). This role underscores his commitment to ensuring accuracy and fairness in insurance claims assessment processes, further reflecting his ongoing contributions to the industry.


Dr. S.K. Goel

Dr. Goel, a distinguished scientist and former Professor & Head of Biochemistry at the renowned All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), has left an indelible mark on the field of biotechnology.

After a successful tenure as a scientist at the University of Illinois, Chicago, United States, Dr. Goel's strong desire to contribute to his homeland led him back to India. He assumed a pivotal role at the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, where his visionary leadership and dedicated efforts culminated in the establishment and advancement of numerous cutting-edge facilities.

Currently, Dr. Goel continues to make significant strides in the global biotechnology sector. His relentless commitment to innovation and his unwavering dedication to the advancement of scientific knowledge are driving forces behind his efforts to strengthen and enhance the biotechnology landscape on a global scale.


Piyush Agrawal

Piyush, an MBA graduate specialized in Entrepreneurship and boasting a wealth of experience in both the Education and Textile sectors, attributes the inception of ZillionPals to his late mother, Anjali, whose inspiring idea laid the foundation for this venture.

Throughout his professional journey, Piyush has garnered valuable insights from various corporate roles. He has contributed his expertise to esteemed institutions such as the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India, as well as prominent financial institutions like Standard Chartered Bank and HSBC.

Piyush's portfolio boasts an impressive array of high-profile clients, including industry giants such as Tata Consultancy Services, Raymond, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Viacom 18, Birla Sun Life, Aditya Birla Group, and Essar, among others. His experience also extends to managing international textile buyers from Europe, Canada, and South Africa.

At present, Piyush remains deeply engaged in diverse activities encompassing consulting, skill development, operational management, and public relations. His multifaceted involvement extends to overseeing the intricate affairs of the ZillionPals forum.

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Dr. Srishti Agarwall

Meet Dr. Srishti, a dynamic and passionate dental practitioner who stands at the helm of "Dental O3," a distinguished chain of dental clinics in India. Driven by unwavering enthusiasm, she brings a unique blend of expertise, innovation, and a fervent commitment to patient well-being.

With a deep-seated curiosity for emerging trends and a dedication to advancing the field, Dr. Srishti has been an active participant in both national and international dental conferences. Her prolific contributions extend to numerous publications that delve into novel practice areas, showcasing her profound understanding and forward-looking mindset.

Dr. Srishti's philosophy revolves around the harmonious integration of knowledge, science, and technology to craft holistic solutions that epitomize optimal patient care. Her fervent interests encompass a wide spectrum, including pioneering work in oxygen/ozone therapy, addressing environmental concerns, effectively managing biomedical waste, and championing public health initiatives.

For half a decade, Dr. Srishti has fervently championed the exploration and advocacy of oxygen/ozone applications within dental practice. She stands as a trailblazer, skillfully incorporating alternative and natural sciences into the realm of dentistry. Dr. Srishti's impact reverberates through her meticulously organized workshops, enlightening lectures, and impactful camps that have left an indelible mark within India's dental community.

At present, her journey continues with focused systematic studies in the realm of ozone dentistry. Dr. Srishti's unyielding commitment to innovation, combined with her relentless pursuit of knowledge, positions her as a vanguard of transformative advancements within the dental field.

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