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Affiliate Marketing Case Studies- 14 Video Tutorials.

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Practical, Impressive and Wonderful YouTube Videos By H-Educate


Duration of the video - 17:35

Method - Free

Summary of the video:

a. Create an article comparing two services in your blog website.

b. Free options to create blog based websites.

c. Promote related affiliate links in it.

d. Promote your article on Quora for free.



Duration of the video - 10:48

Method - Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Promote your article containing affiliate links on Quora Ads.

b. Earnings double than actual ad cost.



Duration of the video- 16:11

Method - Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Earn $25 in 24 hours.

b. Through Native Ad network, Campaign, Ad and Affiliate product.

c. Choose affiliate products that provide you "Pay per lead."

d. Pay for ads, in return get paid traffic.

e. Know about native advertising and how to create a campaign.

f. If you want to promote it for free see this video-

Duration- 19:53



Duration of the video- 19:22

Method - Free & Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Search for online services in

b. Create a tutorial in the form of a blogpost with affiliate links in it.

c. Promote if for free or

d. Promote through paid Quora ads.

e. Target by topics and create a simple text ad.

f. If you want to increase your website traffic for free see the following video:

Duration- 14:40


Duration of the video- 36:37

Method- Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Put affiliate programs with links on your website.

b. Create a WordPress website by choosing a hosting service provider.

c. Configure the website.

d. Create the affiliate table and use short links.

e. Add Banner ads and get traffic to your website.



Duration of the video- 13:30

Method- Free

Summary of the video:

a. Promote canva(.)com and start earning.

b. Post a banner ad on your website to promote it.

c. Use paid advertising to scale up.



Duration of the video- 06:06

Method- Free

Summary of the video:

a. Earn $300 per month passively.

b. Ideal for bloggers, influencers and authors.

c. Create a step by step tutorial of any product available on codecanyon(.)net

d. Promote links of other services in the same tutorial.

e. Use Udemy to promote your links by creating free and paid courses.

f. Suggest you to create your website. It will allow you to create your own audience and own brand.


Duration of the video- 08:30

Method- Paid

Summary of the video:

a. I chose a product called Jasper. It is used for writing content with the help of AI. It provides 30% lifetime recurring commissions.

b. I promoted it through paid ad services by spending $185. I got free members from it but did not get a paid customer.

c. I made a tutorial on YouTube promoting Jasper's service. I got 13K views and 2247 subscribers.

d. From Quora ads I got 300 clicks.

e. I posted a blog article putting affiliate links in it.



Duration of the video- 13:44

Method - Free & Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Filter out new products from the four websites namely facebook, producthunt, appsumo and explodingtopics.

b. Filter out the list of products once again and create a free Microsoft ads account.

c. Find the selected products with low CPC and good search volumes keywords on H-Supertools and Microsoft ads. Don't forget to mention the word "review" beside the product.

d. Create a review article of these products with the help of an AI content generator or create a YouTube video.

e. Promote it through paid advertising on Google ads or Microsoft ads. You can even promote it for free.

f. If you want free methods, you need to see the video-

Duration- 34:03


Duration of the video- 14:58

Method- Paid

Summary of the video:

a. Create a new YouTube channel.

b. Go to vidtao(.)com. It is an Ad spy tool for YouTube. See current ads.

c. Select the products and download the video.

d. Upload it on your new YouTube channel. Keep visibility as unlisted.

e. You can also create the video of the products on renderforest(.)com

f. Run a Google Ad campaign by taking advantage of Google ad coupons.

g. Make sure you target countries in the ad as per the product's availability.



Duration of the video- 13:26

Method- Free & Paid

Summary of the video:

a. $100 per day without writing any content.

b. Create any of the following three types of website to place banner ads, affiliate links and Google AdSense in it.

i) Database website

ii) Tools website

iii) Affiliate website

c. Promote it through influencer marketing, SEO or by traffic explosion method.


Duration of the video- 17:00

Method- Free

Summary of the video:

a. 2092 clicks, EPC- $41.70, Total Earnings- $872.

b. Promote renderforest(.)com to earn a commission up to 35%. It has 8 million users and enjoys a traffic of 2.4 million per month.

c. I have written 3 articles on Renderforest and put its affiliate links in it.

d. Ways to promote it for free-

i) Answer questions on Quora with the help of Jasper AI.

ii) Create tutorials on YouTube with affiliate links in the description. For increasing views on YouTube see the following video:


Duration of the video- 21:34

Method- Free

Summary of the video:

a. Work 1-2 hour a day to earn $300 per month with real proven strategies.

b. 5 step process for people who really want to work and believe in taking actions.

c. Sign up for a free account for Vultr and sign up for a free account for l-ink(.)me as well.

d. Connect your domain with l-ink(.)me to shorten and track your links.

e. Promote Vultr link by 5 strategies.

f. Scale it by creating more content about the affiliate product/ service. Plan a content marketing strategy.

Bonus video-


Duration of the video- 19:34

Method- Free

Summary of the video:

a. 12 step guide to turn $0 into $1000 with affiliate marketing working just 2 hours a day for 2-3 months.

b. Tested and proven strategies.

c. Step 1- Pick a niche you want to work for.

d. For remaining steps, download the detailed guide below.

Start Affiliate Marketing With $0 Guide- Download

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